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Disaster Planning

There is a lot to think about…

Disasters, both natural and human-made, can occur at any time and have been increasing in frequency and number of victims. Planning and practicing for these events is a key factor for a favorable response. Since the 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, there has been an improvement in disaster preparedness and recognition of the importance of including public health and health care professionals in the planning process. Our classes include the four phases of comprehensive emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. 


This class is a multi-week step by step commitment you must make taking you through a journey that you have probably never experienced before.

Starting A Plan

Your family may not be together if a disaster strikes, so it is important to know what to do when disaster strikes. This is where we start. 

Practicing Your Plan

Your plan is the backbone of your preparedness and it needs to be solid and memorized by all members of your family/team. Finding the flaws is the idea.

Reevaluate Your Plan

Deciding what to change will show itself as you progress through your plan. You will see the flaws and be able to correct them before a disaster strikes.

Your Commitment

This is a 4 week (2 hrs. per week) commitment to ensure that your family/team will have the knowledge to survive and thrive in the event of a disaster.

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